Coalition Activities

Coalition Activities

As part of the National Employer Initiative on Specialty Drugs, MBGH invited interested sister coalitions to participate in a multi-year project. Coalitions were offered guidance, information and resources and were encouraged to offer the toolkit and project resources to their employer members. MBGH also requested that each coalition share information on their own efforts in managing specialty drugs, both with their members and in the marketplace, including:

  • Employer best practices
  • Feedback on project activities and tools
  • Information on their own coalition activities related to employers and specialty drug management

Here are the reports submitted by the participating coalitions:

In January 2019, the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasers Coalition released a roadmap to help employers improve cancer care and address the rising costs of care, including new cancer drugs. The report, titled Achieving Value in Cancer Care, is the result of an assessment of how health plans are managing cancer for employees and families. View the full report here.

For highlights of the report, click on What Purchasers Need to Know About Cancer to view an infographic.